I love BVU’s winter break. If not teaching during our January term (which I am not, as too few students signed up for a trip to NYC that I was to help lead), winter break is a month + long. Saturday, I had to check the computer’s calendar to see that it was, indeed, Saturday. Last night, I left myself a note reminding me to shower this morning. Yes, I am that relaxed.

But lest you think I’ve been doing nothing, let me give my January Achievement Tally: 6 novels read, 8 episodes of Angel (first season) watched, 1 corduroy wrap skirt almost completed (waistband, hooks, and hem still to go), 1 muffatee crocheted (while caucusing for Obama, no less), part of a tote bag knitted, 1 dentist appointment kept (broken tooth), 1 mammogram appointment kept (I almost fainted and had to sit down), 1 community ed class in journaling taught, with 2 to go, 2 group craft dates kept, with 2 more planned, and 1 meeting with colleagues to prepare a report. Phew! All crammed into a mere 14 days, with times for naps. Who says I can’t multi-task?

And what’s left between now and 1/23, when classes start? Finish the skirt, cut out and sew up at least one vest (I’ve got two planned, both of type of the right, ’cause the one on the left just looks dowdy), read and respond to report from meeting with colleagues, help draft a letter to a local prison warden about students teaching in the prisons, teach the two community ed classes, prepare 2 syllabi for three classes, help interview for an on-campus job, and, somewhere in there, give the house a good cleaning before the semester descends. Can I do that in 9 days?

Oh, and remember to shower…..


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