And the winner is…


Yesterday I took violet to the annual Dog Carnival, a fundraiser held by the local dog shelter, which is where I got her in the first place. The day’s activities ended with a “mutt strut,” wherein about 40 people and dogs walked a couple of blocks in line. Afterwards, there were awards: largest dog, smallest dog, ugliest dog (won yearly by the same English Bulldog), drooliest dog, and best walker, which Violet won! Now, I don’t think she really was the best behaved walker. She was definitely a motivated and determined walker, but that’s because she was convinced that if she caught up with the man ahead of us, he’d pet her.

I have to say, I think she got the award for a different reason. You see, earlier that day, we’d stopped by the Dog Carnival before taking Violet to be clipped — her coat was full of mats from our wet, nasty winter, but looked cool in a raggedy, muttly kind of way. At that time, she looked like this:

When we back after her clipping, she looked like this:

Yeah, it was a pity award.

In other news, I haven ‘t been posting much — mid semester blahs alternated with mid semester grading panics. But hey, 5 more weeks of school and then it’s SUMMER! 🙂


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  1. Actually, both pictures show a self-satisfied little doggy-smile on Violet’s face. I don’t think the girl cares WHAT she looks like–as long as she’s on the bed.

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