For the past, say, 4 weeks I’ve just been off. No knitting, not much reading, just barely managing to get to school, teach, get home, feed everyone, and walk the dogs. Certainly not much grading, which has been piling up. Lots of sleeping. It’s the cloudy weather, I told myself. It’s this pesky little cold that just won’t go away. It’s the long-school-year-blues. Then I started to worry it was the Deepening Depression Requiring an Increased Dosage of Expensive Medication. So Monday, I finally went to see my doctor.

Turns out it’s not ennui, minor or major. I have a nice case of bronchitis.

I’ve got a Z-pack of antibiotics, juice, a stack of easy grading, and tomorrow off as a school holiday. Expecting to feel better soon!

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