Al. Most. Summer.

In half an hour, I give my last final. I’ve submitted grades for the seniors (one of whom will not be graduating…). I’m taking tomorrow off to sit in the sun and weed around the perimeter of the house and read and nap and mow the front lawn. Friday, I have to come back to campus for a meeting of all new faculty senators. Oh yeah, I got elected to faculty senate for a three year term. Service to the university is never a bad thing, especially for the untenured. Also, it was a real election* with more candidates than spots and I still won. I find this amusing because there are just about as many faculty here as there were students in my high school class and I certainly wouldn’t have achieved an elected position there.

On Saturday, more goofing off, possibly more lawn mowing** and then the faculty awards dinner. Sunday — urgh. Baccalaureate and graduation, all faculty have to attend both every damn year, and with only 80 of us, they notice the absences. Monday/Tuesday, back to school to grade the rest of my finals and then a day off before….


So although I’ve been uncharacteristically silent, I’ll have plenty to talk about soon. And there’s also the fence I’m going to put in, the rock garden (less lawn to mow), a trip to Kansas…..oh how I love summer!

*well, it didn’t have any mudslinging. That I know of.

**I miss Nevada lawns, which are constantly threatening to die, not to take over and swallow the dogs whole.


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  1. Glad to hear things are winding up. So–are you like a senator now, as in the Honorable Inez? Or will that be at the start of next semester? Got back from our trip last night, looking forward to having you here later this summer. Take care. Remember that what happens in Wisconsin, doesn’t necessarily stay in Wisconsin.

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