The grading is DONE!

Happy Dance with me!*

**Yes, I’d love to have a goat or three. Don’t worry, Linda, I’m pretty sure I’m not zoned for it. What, you and Leroy would love to host goats on my semi-annual visits? Swell!


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  1. Goats? GOATS?!! A number of unprintable, but colorful, expressions learned from Dad come immediately to mind. GOATS??!!! What next, a smirking llama or a foul-tempered emu, perhaps? God meant us to eat cows, pigs, chickens and the occasional turkey, fish, etc.–and that’s why they are so handily available in those grocery store places. GOATS??!! Sweet-jumping you-know-who on a pogo stick! Go eat some carrot soup or something. Goats?

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