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I really will post commentary and pics about WisCon. This weekend. But first the following:

Drove an hour to Carroll, IA, today, which is the location of the nearest Toyota dealership. It turns out that the long wire I pulled out from under my car was nothing to do with the emergency brake system; it was the antenna from another car* that bounced up, gouged a hole in the flashing along the bottom of my car, wedged itself over my rear tire, and poked a hole clear through the rubber seal at the front base of the rear wheel well. The nice man at Walsh Toyota put my car up on the lift and checked for damage, then let me go, no charge. So yeah, I got a three hour road trip this morning** in exchange for a little peace of mind. I also got a little lost coming home because I decided I could do better than the official detour off Hwy 71. Turns out I couldn’t.

And speaking of peace of mind, when I came home from 4 days away, I discovered water dripping pretty aggressively from the basement ceiling, but away from any obvious sources, like the kitchen sink or the bathroom area. So I called a plumber*** and, in about 30 seconds, he determined that the floor wasn’t leaking, but rather a pinhole in a copper pipe was shooting water up, which was then dripping off the ceiling.**** So the nice plumber and his assistant fixed the leak, which took another 30 seconds, and then warned me that Storm Lake water tends to cause pinholes in copper pipe (true — I’ve seen the newspaper articles about this) and that eventually I’ll need a “full non-copper re-pipe.” As any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan will know, this is a key term in an early episode of season six,***** which I immediately flashed on and I’m sure the plumber thought I was in shock. So he hastened to assure me it wouldn’t cost more than $1500. I should have 1) got that in writing and 2) asked if included an evil demon I could beat to death with a pipe while yelling, “No more copper re-pipe!”******

*I’m pretty sure I didn’t drive over any other cars — but there was a lot of caffeine and sugar on the road trip.

**Minus the caffeine and sugar — WisCon is over and life must, somehow, go on….

***The first repair person to come to my home since I bought it: a milestone. I feel all grown up. I feel responsible. I feel poorer by $60.

****hey, the basement is dark, all right? Also, it didn’t occur to me to use a flashlight, which turns out to be a significant plumbing tool.

*****Why yes, I am a total dork.

******I wouldn’t really beat a demon to death. I’d try talking, which is why I’m not (typical) heroine material.


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  1. If anyone COULD talk a demon to death, I guess it would be a Schaechterle. But I do think beating it to d. would be a more efficient use of time.

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