A visit to my blog stats shows that the little boys at SASS, whom I characterized as “evidently primarily young men who enjoy anonymously writing and posting unbelievably cruel and tasteless comments and pics about rape and other violences against women, people of color, the disabled, gender exploration, homosexuality, etc.” in the previous post about WisCon, are still trolling the internet to find WisCon references and found my post. I followed the link back to find 2 pages trashing on me and WisCon women in general for the above quote, for the pic of the desserts I posted, for my/our apparent fatness and lesbianism* and, peculiarly, for my use of the word “brouhaha.”

Goodness. Seems to me they just proved my description of them and have allowed me to add “not terribly literate.”

*Which, of course, are neither universal nor negative…


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