First, I had my annual review today with my dean and the VP of academic affairs. Evidently, I’m fabulous.

Now on to the important stuff — the basset hound puppy that lives next door, named Toby. Toby is 9 weeks old and he’s nothing but feet, belly, and ears. Oh, and little sharp puppy teeth. Here are few pics I *just* took:

First, how cute is this little guy? Definitely CuteOverload material, if you ask me.

here’s his come-hither boudoir portrait….

He’s long little guy, and his skin doesn’t fit too well yet….

And here’s an ear. I can barely resist nibbling on Toby’s floppy ears. I don’t think he’d mind — he runs around with his ears in his own mouth all the time!

Toby’s owners are a nice young couple who are definitely dedicated to raising him well. I’m kind of like his crazy aunt, always taking a break from gardening to play when he comes outside. And you can bet they knew exactly what they were doing when they asked if I’d mind terribly much puppy-sitting tomorrow afternoon.

Hmm, let me check my calendar. Can I take him NOW?


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  1. Oh, oh, oh, I wanna come over and Toby-sit too!!!! What a cutie-baby!!
    (what IS it about puppies that can normally intelligent college instructors to talk baby-talk publicly?!?) (-; I don’t care. I wuv Toby!!

    And we’ve always known about your fabulousness!

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