It’s her birthday!

My next-eldest sister, Carol, pictured below in her office with some of her fabulous cross stitch* work on the wall, will be celebrating a milestone birthday on Wednesday.** Because I’m getting her birthday card in the mail late (today) and because I’m way too cheap broke to get her a present,*** I’m hoping those who regularly visit or stumble across my blog will leave a comment wishing Carol a happy birthday, or at least commiserating with her for having such a bratty little sis.

*She works counted cross stitch on fine linen. The woman has crafting cajones, that’s for sure.

**I’m going to be 45 in August. My brother, who is slightly older than Carol, is 53. While I would never reveal Carol’s exact age on my blog, I feel sure most of my readers can do the math.

***Anyway, wasn’t my birth present enough? Having a baby sister is the gift that keeps on giving….


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  1. You do beautiful work, Carol.
    Congratulations on entering your 50’s, I hope you enjoy them!
    Many happy birthday wishes coming your way!

  2. Carol…..Happy Birthday and many more…..
    Let me tell you (and I’m sure Linda will concur) that 50 is sooooo young!! My 50’s were some of the best years of my life!!

    If you can still see well enough to cross stitch on ANYTHING you are doing great!!


  3. Yes, 50 IS a snap–except for one little thing…when I turned 40, I could see that there was a possibility I’d see 80, or maybe a bit beyond. But when I turned 50, there was no way around it…I’m pretty sure it’s more than half over. I really don’t think I could, or want to make it to 100. And I’ve got so much left to do, so many books to read, so many dishcloths to knit, so many siblings to annoy.

    (And Inez–WOW!! Way to get even for all those times you were sent into the house to get something, only to come out and find Carol had run off to play with neighbor kids.)

  4. Wow Thanks for the good wishes. I don’t mind 50 so much–it’s the 30s (those 30 extra pounds around my middle) that really get me down.

  5. Holy Crap ! My younger sister is turning 50 … yet another reminder about my precession in age. But a big Happy B-Day to you … you’ve made it to a major milestone in life. Yes its at this point you need to decide whether your going to really grow-up and amount to something, or just continue your immature ways and just skip thru life.

    I’ll never tell you what my choice was, and there’s no pressure on this – try and figure it out before your sixty. Remember, fifty is the new thirty – however I have no idea what sixty is …. Linda and Leroy turned sixty and … oh well you know how that turned out.

    Have a great B-Day – really wish we lived closer together !!

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