Garden. And OMGPuppy!!!:)!! part two!!:)

I’m almost finished with this summer’s work on the rock garden, “finished” meaning “run out of earmarked funds.” Yesterday I planted 5 more hosta, 2 spiderwort, and two of something I can’t remember the name of*, and today or tomorrow, depending on rain and the new knitting project I’m itching to start and whether I make it to the store for more topsoil, I’ll put in 9 or 10 lilies of the valley. I’ll post pics after.

But enough about little ol’ me. Last Saturday I puppysat the bouncy and highly photogenic Toby. I had him for four hours or so. It was a lot of fun, and it also reminded me why I adopted adult dogs and why I teach at the college level: children are a lot of work. The energy! The determination to escape the gates I had set up to contain him in the living room!** The crying! The cuteness and cuddles! The peeing on the rug! It was exhausting. I’d puppysit again because the cuteness outweighed everything else, but I do need recovery time afterward.

The first thing Toby did was savage the plush duck his mom brought for him to play with:

Then he discovered Ricky’s toy basket and pulled out every single item:

(Yes, Linda, that’s an old crocheted dishcloth turned dog pull toy. No, it’s not one of yours.)

Next, Toby signaled his need to go outside by peeing on the carpet, so out we went. I think this is possibly the cutest picture I’ve ever taken:

Finally, after fighting it for about half an hour, Toby went to sleep, and like all babies, he slept hard:

In exchange for puppysitting, I got a 12-pack of beer, which I’m saving for the next time I have guests over. Or possibly the next time I puppysit….

*I somehow doubt I’ll ever attain Master Gardener status, or Knowledgeable Amateur gardener status, for that matter. Extra Good at Killing Things status, maybe.

**Ricky was terrified of Toby, for some reason. Toby, of course, was fascinated with Ricky and wanted to be with him.


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  1. Of course Ricky was terrified of Toby. The last time you brought a dog into the house for a significant period of time–it was Violet! And he’s been on the short end ever since. His doggy brain can’t wrap itself around what would happen if there were three dogs in the family. He’s just afraid, very afraid. And the way Violet pushes him around, who can blame the poor guy?

  2. When they brought that little bologna loaf home from the hospital, life as I knew it was changed forever. Mainly because I was almost 12, and clearly had a long period of indentured servant-babysitter time ahead of me. That was before I finally escaped at 18, but by then the babysitting included you AND Inez as well as Henry. Nooooobody knows knows the trouble I’ve seen…mmmmm-hmmmmm.

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