Thoroughly satisfying 4th….

Yesterday was simply lovely. After a leisurely morning, I rode my bike over to a colleague’s house to watch the parade — they’re right on the route (the lakefront) and they have an open house every year on the wonderful front porch of their fabulous craftsman bungalow. I chatted with friends and loved on the hosts’ huge and puppyish yellow Labradoodle, Stella. I took my knitting and during the parade I conquered the tubular cast-on, which I had tried and ripped out two or three times the night before and wanted to learn so I can start a pair of socks. Even though I forgot to bring a scrap of contrasting yarn, I did a beautiful tubular cast-on while (more or less) watching the parade, petting the dog, chatting with friends, and eating chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.* Truly the knitting foo was strong with me yesterday.

After the parade, I walked up and down the lakefront with some friends, looking at craft booths and hunting funnel cakes. One place was selling some very nifty decorative metal garden poles — whirlygigs, weathervanes, hanging solar lamps, etc. I fell in love with a whirlygig that was so overwrought and tacky it was cool, but the price was prohibitive. There was, however, a purely decorative sunflower that caught my eye, and was quite affordable for my teeny budget….

So after biking home, I got Violet and we drove the car back. Lots of people had brought their dogs and I knew Violet would be well-behaved and would adore the people and excitement and I was right. Lots of people stopped to pet her and ask what kind of dog she was and to generally compliment her happy calm and we both ate that up. And I bought the sunflower, which is now presiding over my new rock garden (pics later).

As if that weren’t enough for a nice holiday, about an hour after I got home, there was a knock on the door. The young couple next door were hosting some of their friends (all former BVU students) for a BBQ and wanted to know if I’d join them in a game of croquet. Of course I would! I even explained some of the baser points of commando-croquet** and the game got pretty wild. I lost, of course, but had a blast. Then we played bocce ball, which I’d never done before, and I was pretty good (but my team still lost). Everyone there was nice and funny and both Violet and Ricky came out for awhile to be cooed over by the girls. Astrid cat had to be chased off after she sauntered across the lawn during bocce ball, almost getting brained (at which she didn’t even flinch, but continued to saunter).

The hosts even asked if I had planned on going to the fireworks, but I told them that I was going to celebrate my independence by reading a novel. Which I did, stretched out in my living room with the bird and the dogs and a lovely breeze wafting through, an icy drink nearby, a more-than-halfway-done rock garden out front graced with a metal sunflower, and fencing materials to be delivered on Monday. My house. I love it.

Yeah, it was a great day.

*Since chocolate chip cookies are neither pure vegetarian nor low fat, they aren’t on my diet, but when you KNOW you’re going to indulge in your yearly funnel cake at some point, such distinctions are pretty meaningless.

**I’m proud to say that the High Desert Commando Croquet Classic, inaugurated at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party in 1994 and continued yearly by me, Andy, and Kurt over Memorial Day weekends, still goes on in Reno every May, despite the fact that Andy and I have moved on.


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  1. Hey, what type of cold hardy cactus are you planting? Whats yer zone?

    I’m putting together a CH dishgarden and can’t seem to find anything that will take less than 20F.

  2. Wait a minute! No fireworks, you stayed sober and you BIKED around town? What are you–some kind of anti-American terrorist?

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