Let ’em eat (bundt) cake…

You may remember last November, when an attempt to bake chocolate chip cookies went hugely awry and I determined that I’d actually gone feral. Well, my return to domesticity has been so thorough that not only did I bake a cake for the local block party last night, but neighbors called me today to ask for the recipe. Next thing you know, I’ll be churning my own butter.

Here’s a pic of the cake, dark chocolate orange with two kinds of icing:

And here is the very simple recipe. I recommend this for potlucks, meetings, etc. — it takes very little work and people seem to be quite impressed (and it’s yummy).

Dark chocolate orange cake:

Step one: buy a Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Supermoist cake mix.

Step two: follow the basic directions on the box, except replace the water with orange juice and add 1TBS fresh or 1 tsp dried grated orange peel.

Step three: pour batter into greased bundt pan and bake, again following the directions on the box.


When you’re buying that cake mix, also buy a pouch of Betty Crocker Drizzlers, milk chocolate flavor. This is a candy that you heat in the microwave and knead. Do so, following the directions, and artistically fling it around on the cooled cake.

Next, mix 1/2 to 3/4 cup powdered sugar with orange juice until it’s of a thick, yet dizzle-able consistency. Fling this around on top of the milk chocolate.

Let the icings set up (you could refrigerate the cake). You’re done! Let the cake come to room temperature before slicing.

NOTE: The BC drizzlers are pretty fatty. It makes the cake dramatic, but you could also make the chocolate icing with powdered sugar, cocoa, and water to make the cake less deadly on the arteries.



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