And another thing…

In my last post about community, I forgot to mention that I’m also now on the board for Friends of the Storm Lake Library, which means helping with their fundraising efforts. The biggest of the year is an early December auction of themed baskets. I’m working on one centered on jewelry making, with a book of instructions, two murder mysteries centered on jewelry, little packets of beads and findings, and a couple of finished pairs of earrings. Lots of fun and I’ll post pics when finished.

Other than that, life just goes on. I’m pretty sure my colleague and I did not get enough students to go to NYC again during the January interim, which is a big disappointment. On the other hand, that means I’ll get 5 weeks off between fall and spring semesters, which is tough to complain about.

Today I’ve already walked the dogs — 4 people stopped to pet them, so Violet had a fabulous time — and we’ve had breakfast and I’ve brushed Ricky. Now I’m going to work on sewing some strips for a quilt, grade three papers, crochet on a child’s vest for charity (almost done), grade four papers, work on fiction, walk the dogs, and finally, go with friends to the nearby town of Hanover for a German dinner. Oh, and there has to be a shower somewhere in there, too. Busy Saturday!


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