I am dumb

Saturday, I got up at 6 a.m., which is so wrong,  in order to leave town by 8 a.m. to drive 45 miles south to Carroll by 9 a.m. to take my car in to the Toyota dealership so they could fix my passenger window, which had stopped worked (in the down position, of course) on Tuesday.

In my own defense, I will note the following:

a) My driver side window broke last spring, requiring Toyota to give me a whole new door;

b) I was given a non-teaching assignment at work this semester which turned out to be highly political and fairly f*cked up, so my stress level has been pretty high;

c) I was still reeling from both the gout attack and the very idea that I could have something like gout.

After a chilly drive to the dealership, my car was only in the shop about 5 minutes. The service manager himself came into the waiting room to give me the tragic news…….

……..my window lock was on.

I didn’t even know I had a window lock. It’s a small button just above the window controls and next to the door locks. Never occurred to me to fiddle with it.

Fortunately, Carroll is home to the best yarn shop in N.W. Iowa.

Sunday, I slept in.


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  1. You’d think dealership/repair places would have their scheduling people have some kind of scripted (on computer) questions to ask people who call in to make appointments. You call in and say, “I need to being my car in–the passenger window is stuck in the down position.” The scheduler then asks you 3 or 4 simple trouble-shooting type questions off a computer screen that comes up when he/she enters that information(one of which is–do you have the window lock on, inadvertently?) BEFORE they say bring your car in on Thursday morning. Honestly, how hard would it be for Toyota or any other car company to have a tech support type system for you to check with BEFORE you actually take your car in for repair? Maybe they do–and you should get the number.
    Leroy just drove the Avalon to Hillsboro (40 mi. round trip) for a scheduled repair job, only to find out they had ordered the wrong part–he had to turn around and come home–and has to go back today. SO frustrating.

  2. You seem to have the same sort of car experiences as a certain friend of mine… She has several window issues much the same. She’s also had Campus Security come out just to tell her to put her car in gear if she actually wanted it to move. (Although she’s never had a foreign antenna-like object lodged by her tires…)

    Some people have brown thumbs, others aren’t animal people, and some people, well, some people just are predestined to be picked on by their automobiles. I’m sorry…

  3. “”b) I was given a non-teaching assignment at work this semester which turned out to be highly political and fairly f*cked up, so my stress level has been pretty high;””

    These assignments are best avoided if at all possible unless you are a natural ass-hole or dumb as a rock. I wish I had read the book “Orbiting the Giant Hairball” early in my engineering career. The hairball being the political nucleus of any organization. The goal being to put yourself in a key position – do a great job – but avoid entering the hairball at all costs.

    In my third year working in the school system I’m learning to just keep my mouth shut about anything that is not directly related to my job … i.e. technology. I no longer send pithy comments or suggestions to the IT Dept lest I get recommended to join some committee.

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