More coat tails…

I’m still proudly bombarding the BVU community with genre fiction. In the three years-and-a-bit I’ve been here, we’ve been visited by authors Susan Palwick, Jennifer Rachel Baumer, Patrick Weekes, and now Stuart McBride.* And I’m planning on asking Tamara Siler Jones, friend of Stuart and mother of one of my students, to visit my creative writing class in the spring and give a campus talk.

After returning to Scotland from Iowa (there’s a transition), Stuart posted this to his blog — and I’m linking to it for your enjoyment and to convince myself that this tiny blog entry of mine, you know, counts.

Oh, Stuart told me he wants to set a novel in the midwest, including mayhem on a college campus. Maybe a Cthulhu loving, Quaker English teacher will meet a bloody end (not in real life, silly) — we can only hope.

*I can’t take a lot credit for Stuart, as he contacted me for an invite, rather than the other way around, but as the sole light of popular fiction in our tiny academy, I’m taking what credit I can.


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