Insert witty title here

Yeah, not feeling so witty right now, but figured I should do a post anyway.

School started on Wednesday 1/28. I’ve got two sections of 2nd semester composition and one section of creative writing, plus a course release to work on assessment stuff, so I’m looking forward to a good, low-key semester. Was I prepared for the semester to begin? Hell no, but I did read upwards of 20 novels over break, and between novel reading and prepping for school, I think I took the better deal. Any former grad student worth her salt can scramble effectively when school starts.

The third week of January was shitty, and I use that adjective seriously. In the course of 5 days (Sun-Thurs), this is what happened:

Ricky dog vomited pretty much continuously for 24 hours – I had a couple of bloody bathroom episodes, and we’re not talking menstrual – my toilet overflowed and stopped working – Ricky to vet ($125), was ill but fine now – plumber to toilet ($60), snaked and working – me to doctor, “you need a colonoscopy!” – accidentally gave Ricky one of my pre-colonoscopy laxatives – Vet said “if he’s still got a blockage, it’ll be gone soon!” – Ricky craps cow pies for a day – I have the usual pre-colonoscopy fun – have procedure – everything’s fine.

Pretty much Ricky, the toilet, and I all got $ spent on us to determine that nothing is really wrong. While I’m happy that we’re all fine (especially Ricky and me), there goes a good chunk of my tax return. Oh, and here’s how vain I’ve gotten: My first thought when the doctor said I needed a colonoscopy was, “Damn, I’m going to have cancer because I *just* grew my hair out!”

Oh, and in a flurry of New Year’s guilt, I’ve started and successfully maintained 1) flossing my teeth every day and 2) working out 6 mornings a week. My next aim is to stay up-to-date grading daily coursework like reading responses. Either I’m going to have the healthiest, most current semester ever, or by Easter I’ll have backslid into flabby, toothless, procrastinating business as usual. Feel free to place bets.


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  1. Whoa. New look. Colors. Still taking it in. Happy to see a new post. In normal times I would say that with a January like that behind you, things can only get better. But the last 4 months have put a big bite in my usually optimistic world view (and into our retirement savings).
    On another front, my bet is on you to maintain your two new healthy habits, and to even add another. Change you can believe in?

  2. Vibrant new look! It’s kicky and reminds me of all my 70’s high school jewelry. Which means I like it! I’m voting for you to keep up on the healthy habits, but probably backslide on grading, just going on my personal experience.

  3. Goodness knows what those Beagles get into… our latest visit with Buster was an emergency one and cost close to $300 and in his case they had to induce vomiting! Poor guy was never so happy to leave a vet clinic. Glad you and Ricky are feeling better!!

  4. screw optimism. but, glad you’re not sickly and have a decent outlook on life. my resolution was to “read more.” yep. done that. I shoulda added in “drink more margaritas,” too.

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