Not so long arm of the law….

Today was cold but beautifully sunny,  sky the color of old, barely-blue jeans and crisscrossed with high, thin clouds-maybe-contrails. The field stubble and meadows were a brittle golden color, and the whole thing put me in mind of a Nevada winter day, sans mountains edging the horizon. Unfortunately, I was driving back from Quaker Meeting in Primghar and the scene had a similar Nevada effect on my right foot, because I hadn’t been on the road 10 minutes when a sheriff’s deputy, running his lights and siren, pulled me over.

He clocked me going *cough83cough* in a 55 mph zone.

First, let me say that I wasn’t going that fast on purpose — the needle had crept past my admittedly too-fast, customary 75. Yeah, I’m a lead foot.

He gave me a chance to explain, asking me, “Is there a reason you were driving so fast?”

Well, I’d just left Meeting — it’s not like I could lie. “I’ve got a bad habit of letting that needle creep up, especially on a gorgeous day like this,” I said.

He took my license and insurance back to his car and stayed there forever. Do they always do that? I mean, he could have read a novel chapter back there. Or written one — maybe I got an arty cop.

When he came back to my car, he said that he found my truthfulness so refreshing* that he was going to cite me for 65 in a 55. I thanked him, we bid each other good day, and I drove sedately away.

It is, of course, good that I told the truth, even beyond the benefit it accrued me. It’s also good I didn’t say the other things that entered my head, which included “They don’t have a minimum height requirement in your department, do they?” and “Why on earth are men wearing that Don Johnson stubble look again?”

*I know he was telling the truth in this and that he did not let me off because of my innate charm and beauty. I did NOT try to flirt. I suck at flirting. I’m probably the only woman in world who could flirt her way into a more expensive ticket.


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  1. Funny story!

    I was wondering though. Here is PA all Quakers are licensed to perform marriage ceremonies. Is that true in your state as well? I was told it had to do with the legacy of William Penn. Which is really pretty cool!

    • Cindy,
      Quakers don’t really have a marriage ceremony — it’s more a meeting for worship with a marriage license signed at the end. Since traditional Quakers also don’t have pastors, I’m betting the deal is more that any member of the meeting (but must likely the elders) can officially sign the certificate.

  2. O.M.G. Inez didn’t say things that entered her head! Must be that maturity thing, combined with after effects of Meeting. At least this didn’t happen within sight of the meeting house parking lot. Did I ever tell you about the time I accompanied Leroy’s sister to a Sunday service of this rather glitzy (in a trying-to-be-modern way), but really very fundamentalist little church she had been attending, and when we, and the rest of the congregation, streamed out into the parking lot after the service, there were two slightly scary looking men in the act of re-possessing someone’s car. This was followed by a decidedly unChristian confrontation and exchange as the two men finished taking the car. Then the preacher told both the repossesors and the poor carless couple that he would pray for them. A most bizarre Sunday morning.

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