Adieu, Spring Break

Here I stand on the far shore of Spring Break. Depending upon one’s perspective, the time has been used wisely / has been completely piddled away.

What I’d planned to do: Clean the house, including dusting and washing windows, clean out and vacuum the car, grade creative writing and a bunch of old reading responses for composition 200, write a little fiction, and relax.

What I did: Wrote a lot of fiction (2-3 hours a day, M-F), read fiction, and napped. Today I’m going to vacuum the house and call it good, and today and tomorrow I’ll grade creative writing. And likely take a nap. Or two.

We get a four day weekend at Easter. I wonder what I can plan and ignore then?


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  1. What are breaks for but to ignore the world you are taking a break from? I think your time was spent fabulously. In fact, I envy that you had a spring break altogether…

    Figures the few days that I’m gonna be back in town are the days you won’t be in your office due to Easter Break. *sigh*

  2. I think there’s a great deal to be said for the making of a list/planning goals at the beginning of any day, weekend, or break period. This increases the deliciousness of ignoring the items in the list/goals while one does exactly what one wishes. Dustbunnies can wait–you can vacuum anytime, but the urge and time to write don’t always coincide. And a good book is not meant to be dusted off–it must be read.

  3. It is sad to see spring break go, isn’t it? Just keep saying “Only X more weeks until summer vacation.”

    And, for an added fillip, just remember that in my case X = 11, which is surely > your X. That should cheer you up!

  4. I think you did it just write. ‘er, just right. That fiction 2-3 hours a day rocks and more than makes up for the not doing more than vacuuming which, I might add, is more than I’ve done for spring cleaning. I am pushing to get 2-3 hours a day every weekday and an hour a day on weekends for fiction and I must say, vacuuming? Not even on my list. Perfect use of spring break, I say. (Will any of your Reno Jennifer-type friends get to read any of the fiction? she asked innocently.)

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