In the post below about Violet’s cringe-worthy new look, I wrote

“The real problem is that, unlike a grooming business, I didn’t get to talk to the groomer, and the preferences I left with the vet receptionist did not get passed on.”

I had a reply from one of the women that works full time at the clinic and I want to share it because 1) it exonerates the desk staff in the matter of Violet’s furry humiliation, 2) it’s funny, and 3) hey, blog post. So here you go:

“. . . be assured, we have worked with “the groomer” enough to know what she does, and we write any directions in the groomer book and then again on slips we hang on the cages of the dogs she’s going to groom, we have written in black and highlighted the instructions, we have written twice on the same sheet in red and high-lighted in bright yellow… we go over all the grooming instructions right when she shows up….. you know, we feel we do everything short of buying flashing neon instructioin signs to hang by each dog!! . . . About 3 weeks ago, we had a guy that had been growing his dog out to get its springer-cut, now mind you the groomer RAISES and shows springers and actually does them very well. I wrote it down AND told her what he wanted (like usual,) what does she do, she shaves it… this guy wasn’t pleased at all and . . . she told him she wasn’t instructed what he wanted!!!!! That really ticks me off and I dug in the garbage until I found my instruction slip and showed her and Doc. She always just says ‘oh well” Just know, it’s not us office girls not doing our job, even though that is what she will tell anyone if they call her and also we feel just as bad for the owners paying to get their dogs “groomed” and end up with a sheared dog!! [Violet] looks just humiliated. Are you sure Zeke isn’t taunting and teasing her behind your back?? =O) Give her a hug from Lori and tell her I’M sorry she was a casualty of the number 10 blade.

Violet thanks you for the hug, Lori. And I don’t think Zeke taunts her because he barely acknowledges the existence of the dogs and cats, but I wouldn’t put anything beyond Astrid cat!


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