I’m not mad, just very, very disappointed

Someone out there among my tiny readership had to have known about Jonathan Coulton, and didn’t tell me. Good Heavens! Can’t you discern from my posts that I’m a total dork who adores sing-along-able songs with fabulously funny and/or odd lyrics?*

The only thing better than discovering Jonathon Coulton (why yes, I spent my sad little Friday night at home in front of the computer) is discovering this adorable little Texas university student*** performing Coulton songs in American Sign Language. And even though you (I’m looking at the reader who knew about J.Coulton and didn’t tell me — yes, you in the back, in the red shirt) didn’t share, here are links to the cute-kid-ASL-Jonathon Coulton songs. Because I’m a bigger person — and I don’t mean  2 bowls-of-ice-cream-while-spending-Friday-night-on-the-computer bigger, although that’s probably true, too.

Future Soon — a fabulous rejected geek revenge fantasy

First of May — completely NOT safe for work. Or children. Or possibly my sister Linda, but I’m not sure about that last one.

*Such as those by the unfortunately now-defunct bands Love Button and The Scurvy Bastards**

**With the added fun of genuine sea shanties and Cthulhu

***Yes, I’m so old that late teens-early twenties are simply cute, and NOT in the way I meant “cute” when I was in my late teens and early twenties. They’re like puppies and kittens, silly and clumsy and sometimes endearingly earnest.


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  1. Awww!!! Does this mean you find me cute???? hehehe…

    Gotta say, you discovered some amazing music! I checked the vids and the songs were hilarious! I’ll have to look into more… when I’m not too busy having a life. =P

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