Facebook Revisted

Okay, I have to admit that I’m enjoying the connections and whatnot on Facebook. That said, it seems that the primary Facebook result for me thus far is that my sister Carol can trounce me in Scrabble in the comfort of my own home. So far, I’ve lost 3 concurrent games. I’m not loving that.


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  1. Notice that just as you think you’re getting out, she pulls you back in. Don’t fall for it, little sis. She’ll whack you with at least one word that involves a triple word score and probably a z or an x–or both. In fact, fear of this very possibility is all that keeps me from getting sucked into Facebook (it certainly is not fear of all that teknologee stuff).

  2. That’s me, The Godmother, saggy Brando cheeks and all. Linda if you’d get on (I’m betting Michael can show you the ropes) we could have a troika.

  3. I thought that a troika was a kind of Russian sled pulled by horses. You know, the kind where three sisters are heading to town through the forest, when they are attacked by a pack of hungry wolves? And the wo sisters who get beaten too much at Scrabble throw the other sister off–to slow down the wolves, so they can make it to town safely.. troika, right?

  4. It is a Russian carriage drawn by three horses harnessed abreast. Or, second meaning: three horses harnessed together. Do I get points for knowing a definition? Wolves, pah!

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