I’m Back

From Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) — Quaker, that is. I’ll write more about the experience itself once I’ve had time to process and relax. But I had a good time, met many, many wonderful, welcoming people, saw Scattergood School, a Quaker boarding high school (where, if I had a teenager, I’d bankrupt myself to send said hypothetical teen—soooooo cool), designed a shawl pattern and got lots of it made, and lost 5 lbs because the while the food was good and plentiful, there was no snacking and lots of water drinking.

Now I’m off to buy groceries (including no snacks in an attempt to keep up the healthy eating) and pick up Zeke bird at the boarder. Without my parrot-y alarm clock and with my sleep debt, I slept in ’til 10:15!


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  1. I blame myself for your being too obsessed with online Scrabble to write your usual amusing semi-weekly blogpost. Will the world ever forgive me?

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