Phys Ed….

…..sort of.

So I’ve been going through physical therapy for my right knee, which has turned into therapy for my right knee plus custom orthotics for both feet plus some work on my tibia and femur, which have both twisted in an effort to shorten my right leg to match my left leg. It’s going well, mostly because I have an excellent therapist and an enthusiastic and engaged physical therapy student working with me and because I’m diligently doing my assigned daily stretches/exercises.*

Yesterday, I got fitted for the orthotics. The therapist who does that had not seen me before and thus had not seen my long, skinny, bunioned, twisted-and-practically-prehensile-toed feet. They are old lady feet, except they’ve been like that since I can remember. No pretty open toed shoes for poor Inez, ever. *sigh*

Anyway, the guy comes in and lifts my right foot without really looking at it yet, asking me what I suspect is his standard first question: “Have you ever been fitted for orthotics before?”


Then he looks at my foot and says in the most shocked voice one can use and still remain professional, “Really?”


“No one has ever suggested it?” He picks up my left foot.

“Uh uh.”

“Wow,” he says in the same tone of voice you’d use if you’d just seen, say, the Loch Ness Monster gallumphing down Main Street.****

“You should see my spine,” I said.

“Oh, yeah,” piped up the very thorough, earnest, yet impossibly young and sweet physical therapy student. “She’s been great as my first patient work-up. You should see my notes!”

Yes, even out of the classroom, I’m doing my twisted, bony little part to educate today’s youth.

*The therapists were hugely pleased with my compliance and said lots of people don’t do their home exercises. I can’t understand that — why go to all the trouble of physical therapy if you’re not going to do everything necessary to get better? But then, I don’t understand why my students don’t read their assigned texts, either.**

**I don’t even expect them to read ALL of the assigned texts — I’ve been a student and I’m pretty lazy in general. But unless I assign reading responses which means reading = points toward the final grade, many students would do none of the reading at all. None! Since when does school mean no reading?***

***Some profs feel that rewarding reading with points is letting the academic standards team down, but I’ve tried teaching classes in which most students were unprepared and thus unengaged. That way lies bitterness, liquor, and way, way too many cats.

****Or the Abominable Snowman (anyone who mentions Bigfoot in the comments will be the focus of some very bad thoughts, KURT).


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  1. Seriously think you should install links (or whatever it is one does) so physical therapists, podiatrists, and p-t students everywhere can find and read about your travails. Think about how your breast biopsy post enlightened the medical world.

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