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Nature, it is said, abhors a vacuum* . . . and so does the staff at my veterinarian’s office, which doubles as a local animal shelter. And so Jasper, a stray Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix), has come to live with us. He’s about Violet’s size, less than 2 years old, playful as all get-out, and cute as…well, if you genetically engineered a dog for ultimate cuteness, you’d get Jasper. He’s also impeccably house-trained and crate-trained, understands the word “no,”** and is going back to the vet Friday to have a few extra ounces of manhood removed.  He loves long walks and squeaky toys and tennis balls and old, knotted socks.  And being petted, during which he absolutely melts into your lap.  Make no mistake, though, Jasper is a terrier to the bone — feisty! Violet, who is much less stressed lately, tolerates him and they have shared the loveseat with me on two occasions.

And here he is:

Treat? Ball? Pettings? Walk? Treat? Ball? Pettings? Walk?

Ready for my close-up

Put that camera down and play with me!

Speaking of Violet, here’s a pic of her out at my friend’s farm. Violet LOVES the farm, where she’s allowed to run off leash and herd ducks and, if she’s sneaky and no one notices, chase a cat or two. Whenever we go out there, I have to carry her to the car when we leave or she would stay.  She wants me to stay too, mind you, but she’d stay without me. It’s the farm!

Happy farm dog

And speaking of the farm, my friends adopted a goose this summer. Not just any goose, mind you, a rescued goose (the other goslings at the farm store were pecking it to death and the original rescuer, who passed the goose on to my friends, didn’t expect it to live). Her name is MJ and she has some fancy French breed name which I’m pretty sure translates as “Phyllis Diller’s wig”:

Yup, naturally curly feathers....

Trimming the clover....

Oh, and tho the farm has a flock of ducks, MJ hangs out with the dogs, even accompanying them on walks….

"Honk....I mean, ARF!"

The happy dog in the picture is Buckshot, so named because he strayed into the farmyard one long ago day full of, yes, buckshot. My friends and I are an animal-rescuing bunch.

*most dogs and cat aren’t too fond of ’em either.

**unless the cats are involved. But at least he doesn’t want to kill them, as Ricky really did.


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  1. Well, as Jasper has been formally introduced in a post, I guess he is a permanent fixture. I will say that he is a PDQ (pretty dam quick and pretty damn qute) addition to your furry and feathery family. Being the great chicken that I am, I will let YOU give Leroy the news. He has been putting up the temp. fencing and finding the various doggie items we have stashed in the garage–and making his usual growly sounds (actually a lot like Violet when she sits in his warmed-up place on the sofa and he wants it back.)

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