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Bird linens

First, check out this Pickles comic.

Obviously, the bird book does say underpants. Here’s Zeke in his:

I hafta wear my undies at the beach. They don't make birdie Speedos.


Cell Block D-O-G

When I picked Jasper up at the vet to bring him home for the first time, the woman who helped me commented that he seemed to be very well house-trained and crate-trained, as he wouldn’t soil the cage they kept him in. I’d never had a crate-trained dog before, but when it became apparent he’d cheerfully spend the wee hours of the night chasing and barking at the cats, I bought a crate. And he LOVES it. I lock him in at bedtime so the cats can get some peaceful affection from me and I can sleep, but during the day the crate door is open and he often naps in there. And when we were at Linda’s at xmas sans crate, he slept under the bed every single night!

While I was at Linda’s house, Violet, who is sometimes a Grumpy Princess, peed in the house twice! Not wanting to trespass on Linda and Leroy’s goodwill and worried that I’d be forbidden to bring Violet in the future,* we got a crate for Violet and I locked her in at night. Well — she also loves the crate and I’m wondering if she’d been crate-trained with her previous family. Like Jasper, she sometimes naps in the crate with the door open, and we all noticed that Violet was more calm and affectionate** (and not incontinent) after the crate was introduced.

SO, now I have two dog crates in my bedroom, and I need to rearrange the room so I’m not tripping over open crate doors and so my room looks less like a doggy cell block. I mean, imagine I meet a guy (yeah, it does boggle, doesn’t it?) When he sees the bird cage, the two dog cages, and the kitties-mostly-in-the-basement arrangement, he might think I’m ready to get married and cage up another animal. Or that I’m some sort of psychopath. Or that I have a few minor control issues. And only one of those things is true.

Speaking of Jasper, you may be wondering how he’s fitting in here at Chez Schaechterle. Well, I’m happy to report that he’s quite comfortable. Maybe too comfortable….

Either rub my belly or get me an umbrella drink.

*but they’d love to see Jasper any time — he was universally cute and popular.

**for Violet, affectionate means she’ll allow you to pet her. Except for Michael — she was pitching some serious woo toward him by the end of our visit.