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Living Room Smack Down

Jasper, 1.5 year-old, 20 lb. schnoodle, and Mim, 9-week-old, 1.5 lb Kitten of Destruction, spend hours each day wrestling on the area rug. It’s so cute — not only are the two animals each perfect specimens of utter adorableness, but to see Jasper biting and chewing at Mim’s striking paws without actually biting or chewing, and to see Mim kitty-ninja-dancing around before pouncing is to almost die of, well, cuteness. So I took some pics. I had to use my phone camera so they aren’t great, but you get the idea:

Chilling on the rug, unaware of his fate

Mim's approach

Kitten attack!

Full engagement

Looking for the advantage...

This goes on for 20-40 minutes. Afterwards, Jasper retires to my bed, where he hopes Mim won’t find him. Mim collapses into a kitten coma (15 minutes of deep sleep, followed by a desire for more play):

Passed out....for now


Mim (briefly MayBelle)

Once during a talk in Reno, author Anne Lamott said that adopting a new kitten is like bringing a crack addict into your home. One you’re not even related to.

And why would you be writing about that, Inez?

Well, my horseback riding instructor has farm cats, two of which had kittens. I’ve seen them every week, from close-eyed proto-kitten-ness, through round-headed, side-eared, sway-backed toddlerhood, to 6-week-old adorable-osity. And every week, I’ve been offered one. And this week, yeah, I brought one home.

Meet Mim:

I've been here 4 hours and I'm already chewing on knitting

Chewing on Inez's jewelry

chewing on mah leg

Mim is tiny — 1 lb — and very, very sassy. I was worried about how the dogs would react to such a small, squeaky-toy seeming creature, but they’re okay. Jasper is very jealous of anybody other than him getting my affection, but on the other hand, he can sneak into the bathroom (Mim’s temporary area) and eat kitten food. Violet just follows Mim around, looking concerned, as if she’s afraid the kitten is going to steal the silver.

Astrid cat is FURIOUS.

Zeke bird hasn’t even noticed.