Living Room Smack Down

Jasper, 1.5 year-old, 20 lb. schnoodle, and Mim, 9-week-old, 1.5 lb Kitten of Destruction, spend hours each day wrestling on the area rug. It’s so cute — not only are the two animals each perfect specimens of utter adorableness, but to see Jasper biting and chewing at Mim’s striking paws without actually biting or chewing, and to see Mim kitty-ninja-dancing around before pouncing is to almost die of, well, cuteness. So I took some pics. I had to use my phone camera so they aren’t great, but you get the idea:

Chilling on the rug, unaware of his fate

Mim's approach

Kitten attack!

Full engagement

Looking for the advantage...

This goes on for 20-40 minutes. Afterwards, Jasper retires to my bed, where he hopes Mim won’t find him. Mim collapses into a kitten coma (15 minutes of deep sleep, followed by a desire for more play):

Passed out....for now

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  1. I’ll send you my new address. Just bundle kitty up and send, carefully wrapped and insured. kthnxbai! (SO cute!)

  2. It’s amazing how energetic kittens are – I forget in between each time I bring a new one home! Fishy, our 4-year old, is still a wild child – we are constantly entertained. Mim’s a sweetie (except for that meanie, ears back approach to Jasper – love that look!).

  3. This week’s Chronicle of Higher Education lists Buena Vista as one of the 10 or so best colleges to work for. I’m sure that’s true, because from what I’ve seen it seems like a good and humane place and you are clearly very happy there. But they didn’t say anything about the scent of the turkey processing plants when the wind shifts!

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