Monthly Archives: October 2010

Finally a post….sort of

I’m not sure if my blog is dead or not. I haven’t posted since July and posts had slowed down appreciably before that. And I’m only on here now so I can post pics of Mim at 6 months old. But I’m keeping the blog site open for now, because you never know. I’m doing a lot of crochet, and I discovered a new way to seam up motifs like granny squares and, while most folks won’t care, crocheters will care a lot. The two people I’ve taught it to feel it’s right up there with the discovery of penicillin and the invention of indoor plumbing. Heck, I may even take some good pics, write it up, and submit it to a crochet magazine for cashola, but if not, I’ll post it here. In other news, tomorrow I start teaching an online class for the first time ever, a creative writing course I designed for online use over the summer. And I’m looking forward to teaching it, but that’ll be one more course (and grading!) on top of my normal load and online, you can’t get behind on grading and then bring the students treats or let them out early to secure their goodwill. I’ll have to be punctual. Oh boy.

Other than that, I bought an Ipod Touch to replace my beloved but dying Samsung mp3 player (it still makes a good auxiliary alarm clock, though). I’ve been working all these extra jobs to get large amounts of $$ to pay off debt, and I find it’s a good idea to buy myself one treat each time, so I don’t react to deprivation and overwork by suddenly splurging. Anyway, I love the Touch and I actually sent and received text messages for the first time. This 21st century technology breakthrough shows that my aversion to texting was less about typing inconsequential messages with my thumbs and more about my refusal to pay to do so, as one can text for free with an Ipod.

And now, here’s what you really wanted to see: Mim at 6 months. Still demoniacally playful, although I caught her in a period of rest between attacking Jasper, attacking Astrid, and attacking Violet:

Spotty but cute

That is NOT a furry snake creeping up behind me.