Spring is time for mud. And chocolate. Oh, and renewal….

I last posted to the blog a year ago, and sporadically before that.

Stuff has happened since then: I adopted a third dog (Magpie the Cairn terrier); I learned a new (old), faster way to knit; I recently stopped eating sugars — both overtly sugary items and things like ketchup that have a lot of sugar in them; I’ve learned (in the most elementary way) to spin and I’m planning to buy a wheel; I’m staring down the barrel of 50 years old; and I’ve been awarded a sabbatical for fall ’13, during which I promised to write a novel, which endeavor is linked in my mind with turning 50 and frightens the bejeezus out of me and makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking.

I’ve got a lot to blog about.

So I’m going to . . . But for tonight, the above paragraph and the new blog name and layout will do.



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  1. I like the new name! Your blog, like you, has evolved! I changed the name of mine, too. And I’m about as regular as you are in my updates. Ha.

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