Waiting on my spinning wheel delivery, reading fiction (fun) and background history for The Novel That Must Be Written (interesting), sporadically cleaning house. Decided to post a passel of thoughts here rather than clog up my friends’ Facebook feeds:

1) Still rocking the no-sugar wagon. Bought my week’s groceries earlier today, and the only item with added sugar was a bottle of A-1 sauce. Getting nectarines for my cereal seemed absolutely decadent.

2) Still slowly losing weight due to no-sugar and more walking. One of the best things about cutting sugar is how many calories it freed up, allowing me to enjoy foods I restricted before. Hello, avocados!

3) My kitchen floor is record-breaking clean — because I’m so clumsy, I’ve had to sweep 5 times in 2 days. I also discovered why it’s a bad idea to leave sliced olives in the fridge in their can with the lid balanced on top. Boy, can those puppies roll.

4) Speaking of the fridge, today I tossed out some weapons-grade neglectovers: a spicy chicken/black-eyed pea stew that I cooked back in coughAprilcough. It didn’t smell, and the fuzzy clumps weren’t especially gross, but the gelatinous blobs were disturbing. And, while my mother NEVER would have left something in the fridge that long, her strategy of keeping around a fully-opened, rinsed-out old milk carton for disposing of kitchen ick came in very handy.

5) Might FINALLY get to go horseback riding tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain. If the arena has dried out from Sunday’s rain. If my instructor doesn’t get called for a job interview.  If there’s no tornado warning. If the banks don’t crash. If there’s not a planet-killing meteor strike. It’s always something.



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  1. It’s always fun to read your posts, Inez. It rained here for the past day & a half but it’s beautiful today. No mud to speak of since the earth just sucked all the water in.

    Leftovers from April is nothin! I pulled out crap the other day that was mostly fuzz from god only knows when. Lol. Mostly it’s stuff that Kurt promises he will eat & never does. Ha.

    Good luck with riding!

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