Monthly Archives: September 2009


I’ve put this blog on haitus several times in the past and always returned to regular posting, so don’t worry. But I’m feeling overwhelmed right now with things that I have to do/plan, and while I haven’t been blogging, I’ve felt like I should be, which adds to the overall stress level. So I’m thinking check back, say, mid-October and I’ll have all my ducks, if not in a row, at least all waddling in the same direction.

And what am I doing that is making me feel so overwhelmed? Well, I’m still working on course calendars for classes that started last Monday, I have to plan a two-week section I’m teaching for Intro to Women’s Studies, I have a guest speaker coming to town next week and I need to spend Tuesday and Wednesday of this week getting ready for her visit, designing a poster, sending it out/posting it, etc., plus I’ve agreed to meet 6 freshmen (none of my own students) individually for coffee as part of our welcome-retention program, start on the fall issue of the peace and social justice newsletter I took over this summer, finish a prayer shawl for a fFriend* who is quite seriously ill, publicize and plan the course I’m offering during our January term, attend faculty senate meetings and run my own monthly committee meetings, and, concurrent with all this, I’d like to write some fiction, sleep 7 hours a night, walk the dogs, and sometimes eat something that did not come from My Grocer’s Freezer.

So yeah, haitus.

See you!

*the fF (or Ff) indicates she’s both a friend (pal) and a Friend (Quaker).