Ouch. *sigh*

Massive end-of-semester stress, now with added gouty foot pain* and lurching zombie gait.** Yeah, that’ll make a girl feel youthful and attractive.

And I did it to myself. Legumes are my big trigger and I’ve been rushing around and eating, completely without thinking about it, a ton of peanut butter because PB sandwiches and PB on a banana are so quick and easy  and cheap and filling….

*gout is not the most serious or crippling of all forms of arthritis, but, according to all the medical info I’ve read, it is the most painful. Gosh, I feel special!

**What do vegetarian zombies moan as they shuffle and lurch threateningly after you? “Graaaaiiiins…..”


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  1. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry you have gout! I’ve heard that’s indeed painful. Do you have effective pain meds?

    I’ll be praying for you and your feet. I have painful arthritis in one knee . . . but then, what can you expect from a crone? 😉

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